According to Black Enterprise:

Tauheed K. Epps, who answers to the stage name, 2 Chainz is collaborating with a direct-to-consumer Black-owned cannabis lifestyle technology platform in his latest entrepreneurial venture.

GAS Cannabis by 2 Chainz is teaming up with CampNova. The partnership will allow consumers to get immediate access using and having the product quickly delivered to their door through same or next-day delivery.

2 Chainz explains that this partnership is part of his continued efforts to raise awareness of the importance of supporting black-owned businesses. “I know quality GAS by the look, the feel, the smoke,” 2 Chainz said in regards to the GAS Cannabis. “and now because of our partnership with CampNova, you will too.”

CampNova will primarily be the exclusive delivery and sourcing partner for Gas Cannabis and will be led by the co-founders, Emery Morrison and Marvin Wilcher. CampNova will also operate the partnership through sourcing and delivery partnerships in California.

“CampNova combines all the online shopping experience and technology of Amazon for shopping, UberEATS for fast delivery, and FashionNova for influencer lifestyle, all in one centralized location,” said Emery Morrison, co-founder, and chief marketing officer of CampNova.

Since 2018 when 2 Chainz started GAS Cannabis, it has featured a line of strains that come in at three price points tagged to gas octanes — 87, 89, and 93.

“Working with 2 Chainz’ GAS brand is very exciting,” said Marvin Wilcher, co-founder, and CEO of CampNova. “And we believe that it has enormous potential.”

“CampNova is the future in technology, in staff, in management, and in execution,” said Joshua Shelton, cofounder of Green Street. “GAS Cannabis and Green Street are honored to be working with a team that will fuel the future of how people purchase and receive our products.”

“Adding Gas Cannabis to our menu is a reflection on our access to high-level individuals,” Morrison added. “and the ability to prednisone create solid partnerships that cut out the middleman and focus on customer experience. We are able to do that through our partnership with 2 Chainz and other people in the industry, as well.”

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